Existence Check

 JohnDavid here. Exactly five months since the last blog post lol. We're still alive, but we're not around here so much. It's nice to be here now writing this, though (•ᴗ• )

 After the release, I was probably a little burnt out and things got hectic for Austin at work. Then life and holidays happened and now we're here. Between it all though we've been COOKIN' up some good stuff in our own ways. No solid plans yet, but I think the next Mall Gregory release will be pretty different however it turns out.

 Anyway, I made some ambient today if you need some of that. You can listen through the player on this page. It's short for an ambient piece, but you can let it loop if you're feeling it. See you next time. If Austin was here he'd probably say "happy belated Pricemaster Day (it was yesterday)".


Release Day

 Hey, you made it to the blog! It's bare-bones, but calm. Now I'm thinking that's the vibe to keep. Big thanks for visiting our website. Today, we're celebrating the official opening of the Mall Gregory website, but more importantly, our first release -- Wall Telepathy! Did you listen yet? Here's what each of us have to say about it.


 This was a really fun project to make. A week seemed to blow by so quickly when everyday we were brainstorming and creating the band and these two songs. For me, music has been such a solitary activity for so long, but with Mall Gregory I was able to create something with my friend and then share it with the world.
 This website, however, was the complete opposite. I've been in charge of the site's design and creation and it took a crazy long time to cobble together the pages you see here now. I'd like to think I learned a lot about web basics, but if I actually retain that knowledge it'll be a miracle. I had fun creating all the custom graphics, too. It reminded me of all the time I spent making absolute garbage posters for my club in high school.
 To wrap it up, special thanks to Austin. If it weren't for him I'd probably be doing a lot less creative work in general. And, of course, thanks to you for checking us out and taking the time to actually read all of this. I'll be here continuing to add to and improve the site little by little. I hope we can come back with something more for you in the not too distant future.


 Mall Gregory and this Wall Telepathy release have been a long time coming. JohnDavid and myself have been working on music together since 2013 and this is the first time we've broken the "make a release together" sonic barrier. Wall Telepathy is more associated with duality as a mean of collaboration as opposed to a singular idea two people are contributing to. This philsophy and approach makes it feel particularly "ours".
 I really hope hearing these two friends having fun and making something without reservations is as enjoyable to listen to as it was to make.
- A